Upgrades (DFU)

Step by Step- Guide to upgrade the Counter HD
1. Download Upgrade-App:

The Upgrade Software only exists for Google Android Systems!

Apple iOS Google Android

2. Upgrade file downloaden
Here you find the actual firmware bundles for the bluetooth-upgrade with the smartphone:
Produkt Version, Datum, Build Nr., Download
Counter HD Bt 5 (not Bt 4 !)
Fliegl Counter HD Bt 5: Only for Bt 5 - Counter, Beta-Version, Daten is stored persistently, many more features: synchronising the data with the smartphone, export of the data as CSV for MS Excel, Attention: Your data and configuration might be erased! Urgent: Read the prologe of the manual: DOWNLOAD BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG_3.1_b20, File for Excel for evaluation of the CSV-Export: Auswertung_csv 13.03.19, V. 3.1, Build 20, Download
CounterHD - Upgrades in archive...
Counter Sensor+
Counter Sensor Plus 05.10.2017, V. 1.21, Build 3, Download
iBeacon HD
Fliegl iBeacon HD 29.06.2018, V. 1.9, Build 03, Download
More in archive...
Fliegl Tracker
Fliegl Tracker: timer problem solved, urgent:Upgrade must be startet in between 5 min after setting into upgrade mode! 17.07.2018, V. 2.2, 20180717, Download
More in archive...
3. Set device into Upgrade Mode
For Apple iOS-Smartphones: (Attention: for further steps you will need a Goole Android Smartphone)
  1. Open the App "Counter Plus"
  2. Choose the target device, which you want to upgrade and wait some seconds.
  3. Type on the menu item "Start Firmware Upgrade" at the bottom
  4. Quit the Application.
  5. The next steps should happen in the next minutes, otherwise the device turns back to standard mode.
For Google-Android-Smartphones
  1. Start the App "Counter Plus" für Android.
  2. Choose the target device to upgrade and wait a few seconds.
  3. Type at the right side at the top on the three white dots (=Menu).
  4. Type on the menu item "Send to bootloader"
  5. Quit the application.
  6. The next steps should happen in the next minutes, otherwise the device turns back to standard mode.
4.Transfer firmware (this feature only exists for Google Android Handys)
  1. Open the Fliegl DFU Bt 5 app on your Smartphone / Tablet.
  2. Click on the button "Select BT-Device". A list of all visible end devices in the Flieg DFU mode will appear. Next chose the device with the name "Fl_dfu_bt5“.
  3. Back in the main menu click on "Select File".
  4. Chose the right firmware-update for your end device.
  5. Check if all informations (name, size, type) are correct and if the target device name in the headline is called "Fl_dfu_bt5".
5.Update (this feature only exists for Google Android Handys)
  1. Click on the button "Upload" to start the transmission of the firmware.
  2. Wait until the status display reached 100% und confirm the window with "OK".
  3. Removing the batteries for 3 seconds (Counter) or interrupting the device for 3 seconds (Tracker) you will restart the device.