Connect a PC with a network cable to your display.

Set a fixed IP in your PC and on your display in the same net. You'll find out in the control instructions at part C below the points 3.2. and 3.3. how it works for the display. Entering the IP address of the display in the browser, e.g., will get you to the login page. There you have to specify username and password. The default values are: user: admin, password: admin . PLC Manager - Download Folder - Start download -. It takes some time until the download starts. Then save the file. It saves you the software and its settings. Please save the file "spsfolder.tgz" safely. If you have any problems we can restore the software.

Please create a safety of the software as described above, if there are any facilities where the update is not listed on this page. We also advise you to note all the settings or to take a photo of it.