Manual for Google Android

1. Basic equipment Android

You need:

2. Installing Apps
  1. Open the app "Play Store" and enter "Fliegl" in the search bar - Apps will be now displayed, you need the " Counter Config" app and the "Counter Plus" or "Counter" app
  2. At first select the "Counter Config" app and tap on "Install"
  3. When the installation is done, tap on the Back-Button
  4. Now select the "Counter" app and tap also here on "Install"
  5. When the installation is done, close the app store and follow the instructions below
3. Closing app generally

Only one app can communicate with the Beacon. That's the reason why it is important to close all used apps that communicate with the Beacon. Also when it comes to errors, it is important not only to hide the app like you usually do in Android, but to close it to force a restart. Please follow the following instructions:

1 2 3
Press menu button (red), NOT back button! Select "Close all" or close the app by tapping on the cross Press the HOME button to get back to the desktop and start the app
4. Counter Config App (former TCB Wizard App)
1 2 3 4 5 6
Action Select the correct Beacon Choose user role "Owner", Enter password 0000, tap on "LOGIN" Choose Axis Move Beacon to empty position, tap on the picture, WAIT a few seconds until the inclination approaches the value 0 Move Beacon to full position, if negative value => invert by tapping on the switch, If inclination is stable => tap on the picture Configuration mode succeeded
Possible errors No Beacons shown No value shown, but "TextView" No value shown, but "TextView"
Fix Press Refresh button Close app, turn on Bluetooth, restart app Close app, turn on Bluetooth, restart app
5. Counter App (former Slurry Counter Easy App)
1 2 3 3
Action Select correct Beacon Select user role "Owner", Enter password 0000, tap on "LOGIN" The countered slurries and operation hours will be shown now, After a slurry (5 seconds over the limited value) was countered it lasts a few seconds until the slurry number will be updated Alert not supported YET, select cancel
Possible errors No Beacon shown "Loading..." or "Error..." will be displayed Es wird keine Fasszahl oder Betriebsstunden angezeig
Fix Press refresh button App close like 2. and restart, If happens more often wait like 1 min after selecting beacon

This very clear and easy application should run without any problems and makes slurry counting possible. More functions like supporting more users and a documentation of the driving slurries will also come.

5. Counter Plus -App (früher TCB Wizard App)

How to use this app you can find in the manual .