Short Manual for the Fliegl Tracker HD

  1. There are 2 types: Harvester and Transport
  2. Only the adjustment in the firmware desides, if it is a harvester-tracker or transporter-tracker. The only difference in the firmware is the i-Beacon-Bluetooth-Information: Major is 7 for the harvester und 11 for transporter! From this automatically the "agricultural" number is derived, which replaces the major-number after beeing calculated via the Fliegl "BeaconHD" app. We set this allready in factory for you by pressing the "toggle agricultural" button there.
  3. The adjusted version is pronounced by the label at the front (harvester- or transporter-picture), on the other hand this information can be red by the “NFC-Reader”-App (iOS & Android) or similar apps. Following data can be red (smartphone must be placed on the front-surface of the tracker, tracker must be in online-mode, this means it must be moved before or the batteries must be put in again shortly before, in order to wake the tracker up from offline-mode.):
  4. Name of the Tracker HD (z.B. “TRP-1ef21a1), UUID, Type (Harvester or Transporter), iBEACON CLASS ("11" for Transporter, "7" for Harvester) , Firmware Version and corresponding date (z.B.. V 6.0 Build 7), and the 32-characters long UUID.
  5. The tracker comes with an “Off-Line-Function”. When it is not moved for 10 minutes, then it shuts off the bluetooth activity. After a new movement of the device the bluetooth system is activated again. This is sparing battery power and the batteries must be replaced in one or more years. Please use only lithium-batteries, they are quite temperature-resistant and hold much power.
  6. The name of the tracker HD and its role (harvester oder transporter) can be changed with the help oft the smartphone app “BeaconHD” (Android und iOS). Only choose the menu item “Edit Beacon Info” (Android) or the beacon symbol at the left of the top (iOS). The cangeable name is then also displayed in the Fliegl Weighing System on the Isobus-terminal, when the fliegl tracker itself is also running and connected. By this the name of the tracker hd can be adapted on its role easily. The app also shows the helth status of the 2 batteries.
  7. We put a hydroscopic silica-pillow to avoid humidity inside the tracker HD . Also the holding-clip should be put over the batteries, while being under tension, so that the batteries will not fall out of the holder.
  8. If the tracker HD itself is replaced, also the Fliegl Weighing System schould be resetted (power off/on), so that the functionality of the tracker is not hindered.