Measuring Temperature-Messung


FCT-Gauge: The App for your Smartphone / Tablet

"FTC Gauge" is the Viewer-Application for your asphalt slide with Fliegl Tracker where Bluetooth LE is available. While the Fliegl Tracker reads the temperature data of the 5 temperature sensores permanently and gives you J1939 compliantly for the CAN-Bus on your FMS-Bus for your fleet management system, FCT-Gauge makes it possible for you to have a live connection via Bluetooth 4.0 to monitor the developement of the temperatur from the driver cabin without any problems. A little diagram visualizes you the course of the temperature with the time.

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If you load the FCT-Gauge app in the store you'll receive all updates and notifications for the new functions directly and automatically in the store. If you load an application-bundle (APK) in our support page you'll receive informations for updates and new functions here on the pages.

Firmware update (OTA)

Firmware update Tool "Fliegl DFU"

Some functions of our SmartPhone / Tablet app "FCT-Gauge" depend on the firmware that is installed for the Fliegl Trackers. Always have a look at the latest version of the firmware of your Fliegl Tracker to avoid any issues. You can easily download the firmware of our bluetooth products on your smartphone or tablet with the app "Fliegl DFU". You receive Fliegl DFU for your smarthphone / tablet at the store (Apple™ AppStore / Google™ PlayStore) or at our support page.

Download the latest firmware

You can find all the firmware bundles of our bluetooth products and (video-) tutorials on our support page at the part DFU updates.